Wi-fi management

There is no Wi-Fi? Why?

How ofter you heard that? Imagine you make 20 000 km abroad and need send an urgent business mail or simply send a note to your relatives that everything is fine… and suddenly, no Wi-Fi. Internet novadays is an essential service like a clean water or air. No good host will leave his guests or customers without being connected.

A warm welcome

Whether you own a hotel, a Bed & Breakfast, a high street chain of hot beverage outlets or any other form of hospitality environment, it is important that you customers are able to access the internet via your Wi-Fi, in a reliable and secure manner. Our solution is vendor-agnostic and we are able to provide a range of access points, both for outdoors or indoors, from ceiling mounted to desktop.

Reliable solution

Your workforce may require a reliable Wi-Fi connection which keeps your company safe and sound. Connectiopoint is experienced in providing effective solutions for the most complex of Wi-Fi management requirements.
We will manage and maintain your solution, ensuring that especially at peak times your customers or employees will continue to have a great experience at your establishment or workplace.

Our experience means we assist a wide range of customers from resorts to hotels, high street vendors, restaurants and more.